It's More than Money -- It's Your LifeIt’s More Than Money  — It’s Your Life
The New Money Club for Women

by Candace Bahr and Ginita Wall ,CFP™, CPA, CDS
Co-founders of

Filled with inspiring stories as well as step-by-step expert advice, this book empowers women to take charge of their finances.

Upbeat and conversational, this book takes a complete 360-degree view of women’s financial lives. In this book you’ll learn more about:

  • Communicating with your partner about money
  • Discovering your Money Style-are you a hoarder, avoider, or splurger?
  • Learning the seven truths about women and money
  • Taking control of spending and saving (and having fun in the process)
  • Tailoring your investments to goals such as retirement and education
  • Coping with divorce or widowhood
  • And much more

This book has everything you need to change your financial life forever and become a “Money Star.” You don’t have to know much about money-you just have to want to make big changes in your life, one small step at a time. Read this book, share it with your friends, and you’ll want to start a Money Club right away-because amazing things happen in the Money Club!

It’s More Than Money — It’s Your Life! offers financial guidance for all woman, regardless of their financial experience or life situation.

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ABCs of Divorce for WomenABCs of Divorce for Women
Carol Ann Wilson, CFP™, CDS
and Ginita Wall ,CFP™, CPA, CDS

Price: $15.00

This book will teach you what you need to know to manage the changes in your life before, during, and after your divorce.  Throughout this process, we emphasize these four attitudes:

Always Be

  • Careful – Many mistakes in divorce are made by not thinking Carefully about the results of your Choices.
  • Cognizant – Learning as much as possible about the divorce process will make it easier for you to have realistic goals and expectations.
  • Centered -The “money crazies” of divorce can make it hard for you to focus on what’s really important Try to remain Centered.
  • Courageous -Women, especially, often have a hard time standing up for themselves and getting what they deserve. Take Control of the divorce process and be Courageous in pursuing what you need and deserve.

By preparing yourself for the realities of divorce, you can save yourself a lot of heartbreak and hassle in the future.

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150 Ways to Divorce Without Going Broke
150 Ways to Divorce Without Going Brokeby Ginita Wall ,CFP™, CPA, CDS

Price: $5.00

Divorce is the biggest single financial transaction of most people’s lives, raising important questions that demand immediate answers.

  • How do you choose an attorney?
  • What records do you need to keep?
  • Are you getting your fair share of the marital assets?
  • And what about taxes?

The 150 concise, practical tips in this booklet can guide you through the often complex process of divorce, providing an impartial source to turn to in difficult times.

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Love and Money: 150 Tips for Couples
Love and MoneyBy: Kathleen Gurney, Ph.D & Ginita Wall, CPA™ with Jessica Richman, CFS

Price: $5.00

Helpful tips ways that you, as a couple, can improve your relationship with money.  Areas covered include:

  • While dating
  • Living Together
  • For Newlyweds
  • Joining Your Financial Lives
  • Starting a Family
  • Relationship Skills for Financial Success
  • Remarriage

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